As a Linn County Spokesperson

Linn County needs people who know how to get things done. Kerry will shed light on job creation, small business support, and improving the day-to-day lives of the hard-working people of Linn County. These issues are particularly important to our community:

Standing for our Community

Our state government has continued to overreach. Whether it be continuing to increase taxes, imposing more regulations on our business, or infringing on constitutional rights, we need local leaders who stand up for the rights of the people.

Small Business

Small business provides the economic backbone of our community. As Chair of our local Willamette Community Bank and business manager at her husband’s dental practice, Kerry knows the challenges small businesses face in this state. She is ready to stand up for them. We need fewer taxes and regulations on small businesses.


Linn County is some of the most fertile land in all of Oregon. Kerry will ensure our farmers and ranchers stay competitive, will work hard to collect on the recent timber lawsuit, stand with #TimberUnity, the grassroots coalition dedicated to protecting rural ways of life, and protect our forestland from fire.

Our Veterans

Kerry is a strong supporter of the new Community Care Initiative that is allowing our veterans access to healthcare in their local areas rather than at the VA. This has given them a choice, providing greater access to local doctors and dentists and has tremendously shortened waits to critical care.

Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Addictions

On the Linn County Budget Committee, Kerry has seen first-hand the stories and needs of many in our community who face addiction and mental health issues. The demand for mental health and addiction recovery services vastly exceeds the current supply of solutions. Kerry is committed to working cooperatively with stakeholders to develop solutions that can be realistically implemented to help those in our community who are in need.

4-H and the Youth of our Communities

As a former 4-H and FFA member, Kerry has continued to support these programs through her involvement with the Linn County Fair over the years. The Fair Board has been very active in growing the livestock auction to record levels year after year. She also supports the Boys and Girls Clubs and other youth groups within Linn County. These critical programs offer our youth access to essential learning that teaches life skills.

Community Outreach to our Less Fortunate Neighbors

Many of our residents live in difficult situations, struggling to make ends meet for their families. Over the years, Kerry has been a community leader in delivering critical resources like clothing, food, and health care to those in need. Each year their dental offices and Willamette Community Bank sponsor food and clothing drives over the Holidays. In 2019, the dental office in Scio, family, and friends partnered with the Scio Gleaners to provide a full Thanksgiving meal for every individual and family they serve.

There is a great need for advocacy for all of these programs and leaders who know how to bring government and private service organizations together. The diversity of business and non-profit community in Linn County will play a critical role in developing cooperative solutions for the opportunities and challenges we face.

As a County spokesperson, Kerry will use this influence to reach out and respond but also plan, for the needs of the community.